released September 29, 2020
Written and performed by Miesha & The Spanks (Miesha Louie, Sean Hamilton)
Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Leeroy Stagger at Rebeltone Ranch, Lethbridge AB
Mastered by Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto ON
Single Artwork by Rebecca White

Press Quotes

“With gritty guitar riffs and perfectly fuzzed out vocals, you’ll be listening to this anthemic tune on repeat”

“Led by guitarist, bassist and vocalist, Miesha Louie, and rounded out with drummer, Sean Hamilton, the band offer a dynamic mixture of punk, garage rock and hard rock embellished with straightforward lyrics, gritty production and hard hitting performances, a timeless formula for constructing something that affecting and memorable.”

“It shows the duo from Calgary with a lot of punk and some grunge hanging. We also have a nice mosh part”

“I've always been a fan of classic garage rock, which is why I'm always obsessed with anything that Miesha & the Spanks put out. The Calgary based duo have a new single out. "Wanna Feel Good" may not be purely classic 60's or 70's style garage rock, but fans of the more vintage side of the genre will find plenty to love here. Miesha Louie's vocals are just dripping with attitude, the song is filled with an attack of fuzzed out (and somehow slinky?) guitars, and Sean Hamilton is pounding his drums like his life depends on it. Punk infused garage rock is a standard in the genre these days, but "Wanna Feel Good" also injects a healthy dose of classic metal into garage punk, which I don't think anyone can argue with.”

“From Calgary, Canada here comes high octane garage-punk-rock duo MIESHA & THE SPANKS. You WANNA FEEL GOOD? Don’t look further. This highly inflammable tandem is what you need to jump out of your bed, do some circus saltos, hit the street like a monkey on coke and feel ecstatic all day long. I know, I’m totally excited but that’s what happens when Miesha & The Spanks blasts out of your trembling speakers. Miesha Louie roars and rattles non-stop. High-strung and jumping for joy while scorching guitars built a-wall-of-hellish racket and partner in buzz and fuzz crime Sean Hamilton hits his drums like a madman who just escaped from a psychiatric clinic. As I told you before you’ll feel good all day long.”

“Insane and loud rocking tune!”

“High energy garage rock duo Miesha & The Spanks have just released their new single which is a potent mix of bubblegum rage and rock anarchy. It showcases their new direction of extra guitar fuzz and an expansion on their usual more crunchy mono-guitar sound. This time they are louder, wider and more messed up. I enjoy rock where it is on that borderline of rageful punk about to become unhinged yet it is still completely melodic and well thought out. That’s exactly the sweet spot Miesha & The Spanks goes for.”

“This song reminds me an old school crowd pleaser for any punk rock fan to enjoy at a show. The band goes all out in their latest single by knocking the walls down of boredom. Miesha & The Spanks gives you a reason to soak your eyes with extra cold beer from the local dive bar and just feel good.”

"If The Runaways were to meet L7 and form a band, Meisha & The Spanks is what you would get… 'Wanna Feel Good’ is a high octane, blood-pumping track to rock out to and although there’s only two people behind it they make a lot of sound. Miesha rips on the guitars and vocals and this is an exciting sign of what’s to come.”

““Wanna Feel Good” is the ripping new single from Calgary’s miesha & the spanks. It will relieve the pressure of ‘all work and no play’ pandemic life with high volumes of attitude.”


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SXM The Verge “The Wrap Up” & “Ones To Watch”, X929 Calgary & X Red Deer, C103 Moncton, CHUO (Ottawa), The Rodney Bingenheimer Show (SXM, Underground Garage), The Zone 91.3 (Victoria)’s “The Punk Show,” 94.9 The Rock (Oshawa/Toronto)’s “Generation Next,” Mar On Music

Apple Music’s “Indigenous Now,” Youtube Music’s “Feedback,” “New Canadian Indie,” “New Canrock”

Clunk Magazine (UK), Zumbido Maximo (Brazil)