“Gritty, grungy, rock.”

3AM REVELATIONS: Live Review April 13 – The Lido, Vancouver BC

The only thing better than a band playing a release show in Vancouver on the eve of their new album dropping… is playing that show in a venue two blocks away from me! It’s always nice to stroll down the street for a show at The Lido, especially for someone like Miesha & the Spanks celebrating their new release, Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi, which is out today.

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FASTER AND LOUDER: Miesha and The Spanks – Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi

Unconditional Love In Hi​-​Fi is a triumph for a number of reasons. Of course the songs rock and compel you to sing along. But at a deeper level, this is a remarkably relatable set of songs. And this album is true to life, with the tone of the songs ranging from angry to inspiring to somber to triumphant to reflective to playful. In telling her own story about processing grief, overcoming self-doubt, adapting to change, and finding the things that set her soul on fire, Miesha Louie is telling the story of a lot of people

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METAL MAGAZINE: Miesha and The Spanks – Taking Their Sound To The Next Level

Today is a very important and exciting day for Miesha & The Spanks. The Canadian alt-rock duo return to release their eagerly-awaited new album Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi, alongside the raucous new single So Mad. It is a thrilling time for the musical project that, after having worked on the fifteen songs that make up this new album, now sees the light and promises to delight its fans all over the world. This latest release continues to consolidate their legacy as one of the more energetic names on the Canadian music scene these last few years.

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SO MAD (Single, 2023)
Indigenous Music Countdown – #7
NACC’s Breaking Alt – #7 
Mediabase Top 100 Alternative – #47

IT’S MY YEAR (Single, 2023)
Indigenous Music Countdown – #9  (March 4)
NACC’s Breaking Alt – #8 (Feb 23)
Mediabase Alternative Rolling Chart – #61
CBC Radio 3 Top 10 – #1

I CAN’T WAIT (Single, 2022)
Sirius XM’s Indigiverse: Top 22 of 2022 – #21
Indigenous Music Countdown – #6

DIG ME OUT (Single, 2022) 
Sirius XM’s The Verge: Breaking Alt Countdown 2022 – #7
Indigenous Music Countdown – #1
CBC Radio 3 – #2
NACC’s Breaking Alt – #3
Mediabase Top 100 Alternative – #59

Indigenous Music Countdown – “Mixed Blood Girls” #10
Indigenous Music Countdown – “Wanna Feel Good” #10
Earshot! National Loud – #7
Earshot! Winnipeg Loud – #1
Earshot! Halifax – #1
Earshot! Calgary – #4
Earshot! Edmonton Loud – #3
Earshot! Windsor – #6

Indigenous Music Countdown – “Summer Love” #1
Earshot! National Loud – #1
Earshot! Thunder Bay – #1
Earshot! Winnipeg Loud – #1
Earshot! Lethbridge – #1
Earshot! Guelph – #2
Earshot! Kamloops – #3
Earshot! Vancouver – #9
Earshot! Loud Top 20 of 2018 – #6

GIRLS, LIKE WOLVES (Album, 2013)
Earshot! National Top 50 – #12
Earshot! Kamloops Loud – #1
Earshot! Kamloops – #1
Earshot! St. John – #2
Earshot! Edmonton – #4
Earshot! Windsor – #4
Earshot! Ottawa Loud – #5
Earshot! Toronto – #5