FASTER AND LOUDER: Miesha and The Spanks – Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi

Unconditional Love In Hi​-​Fi is a triumph for a number of reasons. Of course the songs rock and compel you to sing along. But at a deeper level, this is a remarkably relatable set of songs. And this album is true to life, with the tone of the songs ranging from angry to inspiring to somber to triumphant to reflective to playful. In telling her own story about processing grief, overcoming self-doubt, adapting to change, and finding the things that set her soul on fire, Miesha Louie is telling the story of a lot of people

METAL MAGAZINE: Miesha and The Spanks – Taking Their Sound To The Next Level

Today is a very important and exciting day for Miesha & The Spanks. The Canadian alt-rock duo return to release their eagerly-awaited new album Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi, alongside the raucous new single So Mad. It is a thrilling time for the musical project that, after having worked on the fifteen songs that make up this new album, now sees the light and promises to delight its fans all over the world. This latest release continues to consolidate their legacy as one of the more energetic names on the Canadian music scene these last few years.

“Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi” is HERE!

It finally happened, ‘Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi‘ is here! Our baby recorded over one year in three studios across two continents, with our incredible producers Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson guiding and honing our songs and sounds until a polished, succinct, complete album was finally brought to life.  It’s been out for a few weeks […]

JOYZINE: Track By Track – “Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi”

Miesha And The Spanks jumped out at me as I delved through my weekly editor submissions – plucking the most interesting tracks/albums/artists from the depths of my inbox and adding them onto Joyzine’s bulging reviews list, in a bid to pique the interest of our writers. I hit play on the private stream of the Canadian duo’s Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi album and seemingly forgot where the stop button was located. On first listen, there’s the punchy riot grrrl influence, high energy waves of garage rock and a searing upbeat momentum, but digging down into the lyrical themes reveals outrage, anger and darkness.

CALGARY HERALD: Miesha and the Spanks explore motherhood, heritage, birth and death on Unconditional Love in Hi Fi

Unconditional Love in Hi-Fi is Miesha and the Spanks’ follow-up to 2021’s EP Singles and their first on iconic Vancouver indie label Mint Records, the one-time Canadian home of artists such as Neko Case and the New Pornographers. Louie’s musical partner has been drummer Sean Hamilton since the duo’s 2016 EP The Stranger. The latest release, which came out earlier this week, was recorded in three studios on two continents.

THE BIG TAKEOVER: Album Premiere

After an incredible run of form these last few months, which has brought enormous praise and acclaim to their recent singles ‘It’s My Year’, ‘Dig Me Out’ and ‘Mom Jeans // Mom Genes’ earlier this year, Canadian duo Miesha & The Spanks are back to release their eagerly-awaited new album Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi on the 14th April, and you can hear it here first.

EXCLAIM!: Tour the Home Studios Where Canadian Artists Make Music

Gone are the days when artists needed to go into the studio to make a sophisticated recording. While professional studios still very much have a place today’s musical landscape, home recording gear is now more accessible — and better sounding — than ever.

We Went To Sweden And It Was Great!

Last month we had the pleasure of performing in Sweden for Future Echoes Music Festival in Norrköping and also in Stockholm at Geronimo’s FGT with Howlers. Check out some sweet footage and photos from our Breakout West showcase at Future Echoes below, courtesy Liam Prost: We have definitely fallen in love with Sweden and […]

EARMILK: Miesha and The Spanks Delivers Powerful New Single

The grungy number is all dark instrumentals and haunting vocals, exposing the band’s anthemic garage rock sensibilities within an indie rock base, while hiding away a feel-good and uplifting message on turning negative experiences into positive, empowering pushes forward in our lives.